August 28, 2010

Inspired: Jackson Hole/Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park, the classic summer vacation. This place is filled with indescribable natural wonders. It's a mother nature freak show. Here's just a couple shots from the week long getaway. 1. Huge wooden bear: I want this as my desk chair. 2. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone: This never looks real in pictures or in person. A painting come to life. 3. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar: The sign is iconic, but inside is even more unbelievable. 4. Near Wilson Falls: The shadows and textures. That's where it's at. 5. Old Faithful: More seats to see this geyser blow it's load than most movie theaters. That should say something. 6. Outside the Mangy Moose: All telephone poles should be carved like this.