November 21, 2011

Letter to Santa Sacks

It wasn’t to long ago when we received a random call on our small phone in our small letterpress design house. The voice on the other end was kind and familiar, rich and jovial.

He spoke with a smile, “Amanda! Dillon! Can you kindly print something for me? A stationery of sorts. For children of all ages.”

As his whiskers brushed across the phone, waiting for our response, you could almost hear the faint sound of jingle bells in the background.

Amanda replied, “I think you have the wrong number.”

And like the clicking of reindeer hooves on rooftops, she hung up the small phone on the small desk.

“Do you know what you’ve done?” Dillon said while sipping coffee.

“He sounded weird. Let’s get lunch.”

“I think that was Santa?”

“You think?” Amanda said while repining a pin.

“Yeah. Nobody else calls the small phone on the small table in the small letterpress design house. The number isn’t even listed. The phone isn’t even plugged in.”

“Well, then we should get to printing.”


“After lunch, of course.”

And that’s pretty much the story of creating these magical Letter to Santa Sacks. Each one contains one Letter to Santa printed on Santa’s letterhead, one Envelope that’s magically addressed to the North Pole, three of Santa’s special gift tags, and one note with a elf-size envelope from the big man himself (it was personally delivered one day by a short fellow wearing funny green shoes). This special collection is carefully placed in small, hand-stamped reusable sacks. Find them here in time for Christmas.