March 15, 2012

Baby Shower + Baby Terrariums

What better time for a baby shower than spring? As winter melts away, the grounds starts to stretch and the little creatures start to pop their little heads out again. You can almost just hear them squeak and chirp at you.

*Squeak* *Squeak*

Well, speak of the devil. It looks like a little mouse is joining us right now.

What's that Mr. Mouse? You'll take it from here? Well, alright be our guest.

Mr. Mouse: I was so happy to hear that Keri and Eric were having a garden baby shower. After a couple cold months, I was more than ready for company and some fresh cheese. Let me tell you, it was a grand time. We made baby terrariums. Beautiful little succulents in little jars. All in all, it was a wonderful spring day with some of our best friends. *Squeak*

Invitation details:
Letterpress on Crane Lettra.
Font credits: Carton mixed with hand-drawn type.